ACCA Study Materials For Lecturer/Tuitor

Our range of ACCA lecturer/tuition provider materials

We are able to offer ACCA tuition providers a range of products mostly at no or little cost (subject to minimum qualifying student numbers) to support their courses.  We believe that by adopting GTG material not only will you be able to offer your students better and more consistent tuition but also increase the scalability, professionalism and profitability of your courses.  You will also be able to access the wealth of resources soon to be made available on our website.

Lesson Plans, Lecturer Notes and Powerpoint Slides

All you need to deliver a successful ACCA course to students.  This suite of products takes away all the hard work of preparing and delivering professional, well delivered classes to students.  Also, it provides a consistency across all your classes, whatever the paper, which in turn makes learning easier for the student.

Lessons plans

Help the lecturer plan and pace the delivery of the material.  It further allows you to gauge the level of your students. 

Powerpoint slides

Using lots of diagrams, mnemonics and new case studies and step by step ways to solving problems. 
If you do not use projectors, then you can simply print the slides onto transparencies and deliver the slides using a simple OHP.

Our range of ACCA tuition provider support consists of:

  • A dedicated account manager for tailored support
  • Standard forms and letters to administer ACCA courses
  • Test / Exam marking (nominal per exam charge)
  • Support and advice in achieving ACCA's Gold Approved Learning Partner student tuition status.
  • Substantial discounts on student materials
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