ACCA Study Materials For Student

Our range of ACCA student materials for papers consists of

Study Text

Covers all learning outcomes in an informative and interactive way. Has plenty of test questions and examples to bring the theory alive. Where needed, our texts also have glossaries and extensive indexes. 

Question Bank

Exam standard questions have been put together, based on pilot papers, past exam questions and others that we believe are likely to come up. Detailed explanations have been given for the right and wrong answers, to enhance your understanding.

Key Notes

These pocket size revision aids help ensure you have understood the most important parts of the syllabus. They are diagrammatic, concise and memorable!

Student Notes

These exam focussed notes cover the core areas of the syllabus in an enlightening and interactive manner. They include lots of diagrams and mnemonics to make it a more interesting experience for the student (and the tutor!)